Birthday Reflections

When I started on my self-employment adventure, I don’t really think I had a plan. I hadn’t mapped out where I wanted it to take me or even considered such a thing as a 5-year strategy. I certainly hadn’t planned for a global pandemic just a few months after launch!

Do you need COURAGE to have CONFIDENCE?

What came first the courage or the confidence? It’s a bit like asking what came first the chicken or the egg? Do you need both of them? Is one more important that the other? So, you could argue that you can’t get to that feeling of confidence without having courage. And if confidence is something we have to practice, like anything we want to be good at, then you need a shot courage to give it a go, to make a start.


Self-trust is all about having a great relationship with yourself. It’s built on being kind and compassionate to yourself, listening to your instinct and giving you the space & time to think.

What is clarity?

What is clarity & how can I get it? Clarity is one of those words we hear around us a lot, but how often do we take the time to understand what it means and how we can get it.

Confidence & Me – My own journey with confidence

This blog is all about confidence & me, exploring my journey with confidence.

Enrichment for Your Confidence

The BIG PANTS are on and I’m pulling them right up because I’m so excited to be launching ‘Enrich Your Confidence’ as a series. A complete view of all things confidence; supported by blogs, videos & podcasts full of tips tools & techniques you can take practical action with across my social media in the coming months.

Does coaching work?  Is it worth the money?

Here are some reasons why I think coaching works and things to think about if you’re considering investing & working with a coach.

How to boost self-esteem & build confidence to Be More You

With this month (Feb 21) being Boost your Self Esteem Month, which is closely related to confidence, you might have decided to take some steps to find ways to have more confidence in yourself.

Why BIG PANTS are BIGGER than you might think

I talk A LOT about pulling up your BIG PANTS and just getting on with it in relation to building confidence.

Confidence is like a muscle

Confidence is like a muscle, you need to work on it to make it stronger.

Why it took me so long to introduce myself on video

I finally recorded a video for my social media (mainly for LinkedIn). I had procrastinated for ages. I wanted to introduce myself to my followers and give them a better understanding of who am I and what I’m like and I knew the only way to do this would be through video.

Running a Coaching business in 2020

What a strange year it has been, who knew that when we celebrated New Year’s Eve and we made all those resolutions that we’d actually be staying at home for most of the year.

Networking with confidence

The purpose of networking is to share best practice, helpful tips and advice with others in your area of expertise, it’s great to create referrals for people in business and make recommendations for other businesses.

How to confidently step out of your comfort zone

Hanging around in your comfort zone won’t do you any favours. We all know about our comfort zone, you know it’s that space you like to hang out where you are in control, you know what’s going to happen...

Your Inner Critic

Have you ever been in a situation where the voice inside your head is saying phrases like; “you don’t know what you’re doing”, “everyone is more experienced than you”, “who are you to say that?”

It’s okay to accept your feelings

Last week I attended Learning Technologies Conference and exhibition in London. This event is something that I have attended over the last few years as I worked on implementing a e-learning platform.