Enrich Your Confidence Muscle


Confidence is just like a muscle, the more you work on it the stronger it becomes.


So, if you feel you’ve lost a little bit of confidence lately and want to take some action to get it back, this course looks at the origins of confidence as well as the Enrichment Confidence Cycle. Across the 4 elements of the cycle – CLARITY, COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, CELEBRATE there are practical, easy actions for you to take to Enrich Your Confidence Muscle.


You’ll be able to get Clarity on your way forward, take courageous actions to build that confident feeling and you’ll meet your confidence cousins to help keep your confidence levels in check.


Included in this course:


• Online access for one year

• Resources to download and re-use as you like

• Reflection questions to encourage you to take action

• Practical activities for you to take action in your own time

• Different ways to learn including video and audio content


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